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Quick Updates


I am happy to announce that Battlemilk 3 was released. You can get a copy here.


Avengers! Battleship! Tron Uprising! A few projects I've been fortunate to be a part are finally out.


Back to ILM!


Traveling Asia for a couple of months, will be stateside in September!


Back to the bay area for a while. :)


Battlemilk Volume 2 is out now! I'll be at the Hallucinations/Battlemilk event at Gallery Nucleus on 08.28. Please come by and say hello


Recently updated the portfolio with images from Star Wars the Clone Wars Season 1 and images from Battlemilk Volume 2


I'm back in southern california.... more info to come!


Thank you for visiting. My name is Thang Le and I am a designer and visual effects art director. I specialize in concepts and visual development for film, television, commercials, theme parks and video games. This site is a collection of personal work and client projects. I am currently a concept artist at Industrial Light & Magic, based in San Francisco, California.